Terms and Conditions

  1. TITULARITY (violetandginger.com)

Queiroz & Leite Lda, tax number 51328882, is responsible and owner of the violetandginger.com website, sited at largo de são Domingos 99, 4050-545 Porto.


For more information, you can contact Queiroz & Leite Lda through the email address info@violetandginger.com. Or, if you prefer, you can contact us by telephone, from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 7pm, through numbers +351 912995338 ou +351 936268271. Additionally, you can contact us through Facebook or Instagram.


3.1 This General Terms and Conditions of Sale regulate exclusively purchases and sales on the online store violetandginger.com between the “Client” as buyer and “Queiroz & leite Lda”as seller, and they apply to all visitors of the website violetandginger.com and to all commercial transaction made through this online store.

3.2 Browsing this website as well as the purchase of any product on violetandginger.com implies the acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

3.3.  The website violetandginger.com (hereinafter referred to as “Site”) is an e-commerce site that offers several multi-brand items for sale to consumers who browse the site.


3.4. It is considered a “Client” or “User” or even “Buyer” those who act/buy with the purpose of personal use, thus with no intention of reselling the products bought on the online store violetandginger.com, except with expressed authorization, by email or registered letter, from Queiroz & Leite Lda representatives.

3.5. Queiroz & Leite Lda  reserves the right to change these conditions of use and contract without previous notice, as well as to modify, at any time, the information and commercial offer presented on products, prices, promotions, commercial conditions or services, which will always be published on the Website violetandginger.com.

3.6. Queiroz & leite Lda reserves the right not to process any received order from users that are not in agreement with the general conditions of sale established by the brand.


4.1 In order to purchase any Products, the Client has to place an order for Product(s) on the online store and follow the order procedure.

4.1.1 In addition to the information in these Terms & Conditions, during the order process the Client is also given the following information on the Product(s) they wish to purchase:

  1. a) Specific characteristics of the Product(s), including model, size and colour;
  2. b) Total price, including, due taxes and, if applicable, shipping costs to be supported by the Client.

4.1.2 During the order process, Terms & Conditions can be consulted at any time.


4.1.3 The Client can only place an order on the Website after accepting its Terms & Conditions. For that purpose they must mandatorily signal the specific field that will come up with a text equal or similar to “I have read and accept the terms & conditions”.

4.2 To complete the order, the Client has to activate the button “Confirm order”, hence acknowledging that the placed order, if accepted, implies an obligation of payment. The Client also has to pay for the Products they wish to purchase through one of the available methods following payment instructions.

4.3 After validation of the order, an email is sent to the Client’s available electronic email address, as soon as possible and within 24 hours, confirming the order reception and its acceptance (hereinafter “Confirmation email”).

This email states the number assigned to the order, date of placement, information on the Product(s), delivery address designated by the Client and the selected method of payment and delivery.

By sending the Confirmation email to the Client, the order is considered valid.


4.3.1 The invoice issued by Queiroz & Leite Lda will be sent to the Client in paper with the Product.

4.4 . In the online store, orders and deliveries can be made in Portugal and the rest of the euro zone with precarious prices, as well as the rest of the world with conditions to be defined.


Details on deliveries to other zones can be requested through the email info@violetandginger.com.


4.5 Creating “My account” is a client account registry that can be done at any time.  When creating the account the Client is asked to give and email address and a password. You may consult more information on this registry at violetandginger.com/faqs/.



5.1 In order to guarantee the brand established delivery timings, after submitting an order its modification or cancellation cannot be done. However, products can be returned within a maximum of 15 days. For more information, consult Queiroz & Leite Lda terms of exchange and return in violetandginger.com/faqs/.


6.1 Every Product sale price is determined by Queiroz & Leite Lda and can be freely modified at any time. Changes in the Products sale price do not affect an order which reception and acceptance have already been confirmed to the Client.

6.2 Product sale price indicated on violetandginger.com includes the applicable Portuguese VAT.

6.2.1 To the indicated sale price add shipping and delivery costs, when applicable.

6.3 Product sale price is in Euro and all payments are mandatorily made in this currency.


7.1 Violetandginger.com online store makes the following payment methods available to its Clients: Wire transfer, Paypal, Multibanco, MB Way, Payshop and VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Union Pay.


8.1 Information on shipping and delivery methods and deadlines will be available during the process of purchasing and before the actual payment.

8.2 The available options may vary accordingly to the intended delivery geography.

8.3 Deadlines should be considered as merely indicative; however, Queiroz & Leite Lda will make all necessary efforts to guarantee their compliance. In any case, Product delivery will take place.

8.4 Product delivery is considered complete when the Client, or a third party appointed by the Client, has physical possession or control of the Product(s).


9.1  Consult terms of exchange and return available on violetandginger.com/faqs/.


10.1 Client’s personal data collected by Queiroz & Leite Lda will be processed in accordance to the current applicable legislation.

10.2 It is intended that the Client knows the general rules of privacy and data processing of data that Queiroz & Leite Lda collects and processes during the utilization of the Website violetandginger.com. Queiroz & Leite Lda`s Privacy Policy is an integrant part of these Terms & Conditions (hereinafter “Privacy Policy”), which includes rules applicable to the use of cookies and mechanisms of information storing and processing and can be consulted at www.violetandginger.com/vg/pt/privacy-policy.

Please, read our Privacy Policy carefully before placing any order on violetandginger.com.


11.1 The Client expressly states and acknowledges that any content, registered or not, existing or used on Queiroz & Leite Lda`s online store.


12.1 When the Client wants to present some suggestion or claim, namely regarding services or Products acquired through Queiroz & leite Lda`s Website, they should send an email to info@violetandginger.com or use the contact form available at violetandginger.com/contact.

12.2 In case of dispute which resolution is not reached through agreement between both parties, the Client, as consumer, may resource to the online European platform of dispute resolution available at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.

Queiroz & Leite Lda reserves the right to, unilaterally, review and modify these Terms & Conditions.